Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Notebooks with Lines

Notebooks are all designed & Hand-assemble by Papelline.
Notebooks with lines - 45 pages of laid paper.
Sized 16cm x 12cm
Our Retail Price is Rm 15.00
Now we are selling it for Rm8.50 each!
Grab it while stock last!

Item Code: NBM03-0035

Duo Damask (Purple)
Item Code: NBM03-0055

2 tone damask (Minty)
Item Code: NBM03-0038

Butterfly Harlequin
Item Code: NBM03-0054

Nature's Mums
Item Code: NBM03-0012

Purple Fleur
Item Code: NBM03-0045

Item Code: NBM03-0047

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