Monday, November 30, 2009

Gift Paper Bags for sale!

Heirloom Tapestry

Made from recycled papers.
Imported from USA.
Now Rm 2.50(rose*), Rm3.50(cub*), Rm5.50(vogue*), Rm6.50(regal*) *sizes
(further discounts for higher purchase)
Retail price Rm 3.90(rose*), Rm5.90(cub*), Rm11.90(vogue*), Rm12.90(regal*) *size

Since holiday seasons are just around the corner, we are selling off our Gift Paper Bags for a great Bargain!! The more you purchase, the cheaper the bargain is! They are all brand new, imported from USA and mainly 50 to 100% made from recycled papers!

Please email me for further inquiries!

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